The road is always there,  you just have to decide when to take it .






Road trip最棒的地方?就是能夠拋開日復一日的惰性舒適圈,從平凡乏味的生活中潛逃。當你準備開始一趟新的旅程,肯定會有許多你所期望看見的風景,或是迫不及待想要挖到的寶藏。也許你心裡只有一個預想的終點,那有什麼關係呢,就把這份厚禮留給旅行中的偶然來替你包裝吧!

The best part of going on a road trip? Finally getting out of the boredom of daily life – leaving the comfort and dullness of familiarity. When you take off on a new adventure excitement rises from the anticipation of seeing and experiencing something new. Perhaps you have only a final destination in mind, leaving everything else in between to happenstance.







每當我走到一個陌生的場景,眼前的物件會開始變得突出,它們一個個爭奇鬥豔,像是瘋狂搖晃的稻草和飛鳥,想要佔據和帶領我的視線,使我的感官被錯置,紊亂。直到我的視神經和腦神經重新接上了線;直到我終於能開始看清眼前的事物;直到我終於接住自己,轉身把自己拋入情境,一切變靜止了。這就是我在等待的那個瞬間,當你將身心靈完全放鬆,把自己交給萬物之時,你便能感覺到。(像是雲霄飛車置頂時的停頓點;像是節奏在drop之前,build up至高潮情緒最後的空白。靜止過後,接下來便是一場振奮人心的奇幻旅程,便是一步步靠近眼前這幅景象最適合的節奏。

I wait for the moments that bring clarity to my mind. Every time I stumble upon unseen scenery, the visual treat catches me unaware in the first moments. There is a sense of mystery and nerves take over my senses in the beginning; I take my time to observe and get used to the view in front of my eyes. As soon as my mind decides to accept what it sees, quickly everything turns to stillness. This is the moment that I am waiting for – when you are in a completely relaxed state of mind. Only then can you venture further inside; taking steps into the scene and getting closer and closer.






During my travels, planning is unnecessary. Go where you want to go, take off whenever you feel like it, and change your plan at the last minute according to your own whims. To plan is just to make a desperate effort. With spontaneity you escape from our structured and organized society, enjoying the random happenings along the way.








If you do not plan, then you are never lost. With this, you will find that only when you are authentically free, with time slowing down, then you are able to realize the beauty of uncertainty. When you reach this uncluttered state of mind, many things will appear to you anew and you will be able to travel to the one that inspires you to take the photograph you have been yearning for.








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